SOC Analyst

Job Description

Security (SOC) Analyst

Fulltime Position

Security operations (SOC) analysts are the first people responsible for ensuring the protection of digital assets from unauthorized access, both online and on-premise. The primary responsibility is to identify, secure, and weed out the threats as front-line defense personnel. They are alert and aggressive to filter out suspicious activity and mitigate risks before any incident occur. When an incident occurs, SOC analysts are the first to counter the attacks and make required attempts to defend.

Job Description

  • Monitor security access and report suspicious activity to a higher level or team members.

  • Conduct security assessments regularly to identify vulnerabilities and performing risk analysis.

  • Analyse the breach to reach the root cause.

  • Generate reports for IT administrators, business managers, and security leaders. These reports serve as an input to evaluate the efficacy of the security policies.

  • Advise and implement necessary changes required to counter the attack or improvise security standards.

  • Keep the security systems up to date and contributing to security strategies.

  • Document incidents to contribute to incident response and disaster recovery plans.

  • Perform internal and external security audits.

  • In the case of third-party vendors, verify their security strength and collaborate with them.


  • Computer Science or Information Technology Graduate

  • Minimum 2 years of experience

  • In-depth knowledge of relevant technologies

  • Critical thinking

  • Ability to work under pressure

  • Excellent learning skills

  • Excellent written and verbal communication

Aristi Segurança da Informação, Lda

Bhopal, India

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