phishing simulation test service provider in India

Phishing Attack Simulation Test

Protect your organization with worlds largest attack surface with Aristi Managed Phishing Attack Simulation Service.

"The online truly secure system is one that is powered off, cast in a block of concrete and sealed in a lead-lined room with armed guards."
Gene Spafford
Cybersecurity Researcher

Reduce the largest attack surface

You have firewalls to block external cyber threats but there firewalls can not detect and mitigate the phishing attacks. One email one click and your organization will become an easy victim of ransomware attack, APT attacks etc.

Understand how to identify and mitigate phishing scams

All big cyber attacks start from ransomware attacks to APT attacks start from phishing email. Phishing emails looks exactly like a genuine emails coming from a trusted source. During the phishing attack simulation exercise we will teach you how to identify and mitigate phishing attacks. 

Cybersecurity awareness training

There is no silver bullet to counter cyber threats. Awareness is the only way to identify and mitigate the modern cyber threats. During the phishing attack simulation exercise we will give real-time and hands-on experience to your employees so that they can easily identify and mitigate the phishing attacks. 

Reduce The Largest Attack Surface

Phishing attacks are very dangerous it's not at all possible to mitigate them with traditional technology.