Cyber Security

Cyber Security Consultation and Services

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As organizations increasingly shifting their business processes to their cyber infrastructure, Effective cyber security is must to protect the organizational digital assets.

Every organization must need to have minimum four layer of security to protect their digital assets and customers.

Access Control

Role based access control is mandatory for every organization to protect their digital assets from external and internal threats.

Transport Layer Security

Transport layer security (TLS) insures the integrity and privacy of the communication between client and the server.

Application Firewall

A network or web application firewall is must to protect the applications and servers from external cyber attacks.

Anti DDoS Protection

Anti-DDoS protection helps keep the business critical applications up in case of a denial of service attack.

Cyber Security Services

Aristi expert advice and pragmatic services and support will help businesses keep their business critical applications and digital assets secure. Team Aristi is strong believer of multi – layered security, so that if some adversary breaks into one layer, organizations will have another layer to protect their confidential and critical information and assets.


Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing is a process to identify security loopholes into organizations digital assets.

Red Teaming

Red teaming is a practice of challenging organizational cyber security, plans and procedures by adopting hackers approach.

Managed SOC

We straighten organizations digital security and lowers the operational cost with our integrated managed soc service.

Network Security

Our network security service helps businesses protect their corporate network so that it can combat any cyber intrusion.

Cloud Security

Cloud Security Assessment runs continuous security checks on your cloud assets and resources and keeps it secure and healthy.

Phishing Simulation

All big cyber attacks start from ransomware attacks to APT attacks are starts with a phishing email. Minimize the impact of phishing attack with Aristi.

Cyber risk was considered an emerging risk a decade ago, but today it has grown into a liability that costs business nearly $600 billion a year.