Network Exploitation & Penetration Test

Network Exploitation & Penetration Test

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Network Penetration Test

Network is the backbone of any organization or any internet based service. Be it cloud computing, be it mobile network, internet banking. Every services is backed by a strong and secure network.

In this Network Hacking course we attendees with learn about identifying and exploiting network level vulnerabilities.


Network Exploitation & Ethical Hacking

Network Exploitation & Penetration Test course have 10 modules, Where we cover from very basics to advanced level of network exploitation techniques.

  • Introduction to network
  • Penetration Test Methodologies
  • Network Hackers Toolkit
  • Reconnaissance and Enumeration
  • In-depth Network Scanning
  • Network Packet Crafting
  • Network Exploitation
  • Accessing Remote Services
  • Accessing Database
  • Password Attacks
  • Post Exploitation Activities
  • Reporting

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Network is the backbone of your businesses. Without a fast, stable and secure network, delivery of critical business applications and services are not possible.