Security Analytics with SIEM

Tactical Security Analytics With SIEM

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SIEM with Tactical Security Analytics

Gain in-depth knowledge about the SIEM and it’s working architecture. IT systems generate a lot of logs but every log is not so important. Feeding all the data into your SIEM makes it slow.

This course will teach you how to identify critical and important system data to feed into the SIEM for better analytics and threat detection.


SIEM with Tactical Security Analytics

This course is divided into 7 modules each module will give you sound knowledge and understanding about the SIEM and it’s architecture. 

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Ethical Hacking
Network Penetration Test
Tactical Security Analytics with SIEM
Advanced Intrusion Detection & Response
SIEM is critical for organizations. A well planned SIEM can help organizations to identify cyber threats at early stage so that security teams can take timely decisions.