System Audit and Threat Hunting

Network/System Audit and Threat Hunting

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Network/System Audit and Threat Hunting

Keep an eye on every single activity going inside your corporate network. Dig deeper insight the system activities, network activities. Perform network packet and system log analysis.

This training course will cover all the necessary topics about system – network audit and threat hunting.


Network/System Audit and Threat Hunting

This training course have total 10 modules. With each module you will gain in-depth knowledge about security analysis and threat hunting.

  • Introduction to Network Analysis
  • Core Protocols
  • Log Analysis
  • Netflow Analysis
  • FIle Access Protocols
  • Network Forensics Tools
  • Full Packet Hunting
  • Encryption and SSL/TLS
  • Network Reverse Engineering
  • Threat Intelligence & OPSEC

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