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Payment Card Industry
Data Security Standards

PCI Standard council has developed Data Security Standards for organizations who stores, process and transmits the credit/debit card data. PCI DSS is not a legal requirement, it’s a contractual requirement between two businesses.

The world is going digitized day by day. Every business is accepting electronic payment. Cyber criminals are no where behind. To mitigate the cyber risk PCI Standard council has developed data security standard for credit/debit card processors, which is divided into 6 categories, 12 sub categories and total 280+ security controls.

Maintain a Secure Network

1. Install & maintain a firewall.
2. Change all default credentials.

Vulnerability Management Program

5. Protect all systems against malware & virus .
6. Develop secure network and apps.

Continuously Monitor & Test Network

9. Monitor all network activities.
10. Test system security regularly.

Protect Card Holder Data

3. Protect card holder data.
4. Encrypt card holder data.

Implement Strong Access Control

7. Deploy proper access control.
8. Restrict physical access.

Information Security Management Policy

11.Develop ISMS polices.
12. Deploy ISMS policies across network.

PCI DSS Consultation & Services

PCI DSS v3.2.1 has total 280+ controls divided into 12 categories and total 6 requirement. Deployment of 280+ security controls may take up-to 6 months of time or even more depending on the size of the organization. Our team of PCI DSS Consultants have more than 35+ years of combined experience and helped more than 1500+ organizations to comply with PCI DSS standards.

Gap Assessment

A process of identifying gaps against the security standards. Gap assessment standards defines our compliance path.

ISMS Policies

ISMS policies helps in deploying and managing appropriate cyber security controls and practices across the organization.


PCI DSS Audit insures that all the appropriate controls are on the place and if anything missing security teams will enable it again.

ASV Scanning

We offer vulnerability scanning of PCI enabled environment using the PCI ASV scanning tool to keep the IT environment vulnerability free.


Aristi offers cloud based SIEM/FIM/ Managed SOC solutions which are mandatory to comply with PCI DSS compliance.

Awareness Trainings

Awareness about modern cyber threats and their mitigation techniques is must to combat the cyber attacks.

About Aristi

Aristi is into the business of cyber security and privacy since 2016. We are the very first and only cyber security research and consultation company based in central India. We are part of Startup India. Govt of India's flagship scheme to promote startup culture in India.

We know cyber security and privacy sounds complex and at some point it is, but our consultants are known for their capabilities to make complex things easy for business people and help them understand the key needs.

General Questions

Any business which stores, process or just transmit the credit/debit card data or any other financial information should comply with PCI DSS.

PCI DSS is not a legal requirement. It’s just a contractual requirement between two businesses. If you do not comply with PCI DSS then you may face fines or business sanctions as per the contract that you have signed.

On the basis of number of transaction PCI Standard Council has divided business into multiple categories which you may find on the official website of PCI standard council. There’s no complete exemption of security standards under PCI DSS.

First you need to deploy all the security controls mentioned under PCI DSS after couple of internal audits you may ask PCI QSA Auditor to perform audits and and if QSA finds everything up-to the mark they will issue a certificate for you.

PCI DSS is an important step towards the security of end user's financial data.

Hire our consultants to deploy PCI DSS Standards into your organization.