Server Life cycle Management Tool


Manage from anywhere

Provision a bare-metal (MaaS) & public or private clouds all from one single unified platform with one single process or command.

Configuration management

Configuration automation and management by Puppet & Salt. built-in support for parameterized classes and hierarchical parameter storage.

Monitor hosts

SysEngine reports will tell you exactly what happened in your nodes, and alert you when something malicious identified.


GUIs are slow. CLI gives you easy access to all the API calls you need to stay on top of your data center.

LDAP Integration

LDAP or FreeIPA integration. you can continue using them for authentication and authorization.


A pluggable architecture allows you to extend SysEngine's functionality in almost any direction.


API to give you the power to automate most tasks, such as registering hosts, assigning roles to users


Keen an eye on each an every activity of your network systems and find out reason behind an activity

Host Groups

Horizontal scaling is an ubiquitous architecture in IT. Group your hosts and modify their configuration.

Supported Technologies

Unified platform for server management.

Manage your in-house or cloud based servers using one single console.