Securign SIEM

Exploit Hunters NG AI SIEM

AI Powered unified threat detection platform with built in capabilities of log management, intrusion detection, automated incident response, remote forensics and compliance management.

Recent Case Study

Exploit Hunters SIEM for Threat Detection, Incident Response & Compliance.

A big steal giant was not happy with the massive scale false positive and growing cost of their SIEM solution. They were looking for a SIEM solution which can support their scalability and can offer them fixed cost solution.

Core Features

Log Analysis & Management

Process of log aggregation, analysis, event correlation, storage and dispose.

File Integrity Monitoring

File integrity monitoring system watches selected files, triggering alerts when these files are modified.

Vulnerability Detection

Centralized server performs vulnerability scans timely against the updated CVE database.

Configuration Assessment

Checks configuration settings to ensure compliance with your security policies.

Policy & Compliance Monitoring

A process of verifying that all systems in network are running as per the risk management policies.

Host Based Intrusion Detection

Intrusion detection is a process of monitoring network and end points for malicious activities and IoC.

Automated Incident Response

EH offers effective responses to different countermeasures to resolve external and internal threats

Security Alert & Reporting

Automated alerts and reports on malicious activities and send the info over the email or SMS.

Network Anamoly Detection

Refers to the action of finding patterns in the system that do not match the expected behavior.

Machine Learning & UBEA

ML learns and profile the users, apps and traffic standard behavior patterns, and identify anomalies.

Network Traffic Analysis

Protocol and signature based analysis. Full packet capture for forensics analysis.

System Event Co-relation

Event co-relation engine analyzes systems logs using threat feeds and produces risk-based alarms.

Managed IT Servcies

EndPoint Security Analysis

Securign aims at providing the right visibility to help security analysts identify, analyze and respond to threats and attack campaigns across multiple endpoints.


Cloud Security Analysis

Securign supports API-level monitoring of the cloud infrastructure, using integration modules to draw security info from well recognized cloud providers.

Cyber Security Consultation Services

Network Security Analysis

Built in NIDS collects, process every single data packet and performs signature and protocol based analysis to identify any network based activity.

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