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Aristi Managed SIEM/SOC

Strengthen your information security defenses and lower costs with Aristi's Managed Security Operations Center.

Monitoring. Troubleshooting. Security.

Simplify security operations and compliance with Securign SIEM.

Securign is a unified platform for threat detection, Incident Response and Compliance Management.


SIEM & Log Monitoring

SIEM and Log Monitoring

We monitors your organisation’s IT infrastructure for suspicious activities and threats within, identifying malicious activity in real-time, to quickly detect, neutralise and recover from cyber threats.

Network Packet Analysis

We perform deep network packet analysis to discover network based threats, anomalies, misconfiguration, malicious traffic such as port scanning, attacks on network services, illegal file sharing, botnets etc.

vulnerability management

We provide accurate internal and external scans across your IT estate such as network assets, hosts, web applications and databases. The combination of people, process and technology lowers resource needs by automation through a structured distributed deployment, thus reducing costs from IT operations.

Threat Anticipation

We analyze globally reported breaches and attacks, and extract key intelligence from the data. These could be malware samples, reverse engineered IOCs, specific TTPs used in the attack, the CVEs that are exploited, and other relevant data on attacks.

Threat Hunting

Aristi's threat hunting team continuously monitor and proactively hunt for known and unknown threats in each of your endpoints, providing complete visibility of potential threats. When our advanced endpoint analytics detects suspicious behavior. Once a threat is validated, we take immediate action to contain the compromised endpoint(s), resolve the threat, and protect your endpoints against future similar attacks.

Threat Intelligence

Aristi helps organizations better understand the specific threats facing them by employing in-depth knowledge of potential or current attacks threatening the organization. Threat intelligence advances cybersecurity by adding the processing and sorting of information and evaluation by security experts to produce accurate, timely and comprehensive alerts.

UBA Analysis

An increasing number of cyberattacks are coming from insider threats, targeted attacks, and financial fraud. These attacks are impossible to detect using traditional security methods. To combat them, organizations are deploying User Behavior Analytics (UBA) to baseline normal behavior, identify deviations in that behavior, and detect and respond to these low-footprint threats.

Incident Analysis

For increased accuracy, our incident analysts validate the machine data. So, alerts are no longer managed by arbitrary rules, and your organization is no longer constrained by the limits of your security staff.

Incident Response

Our incident response service leverages an advanced response automation platform that includes work flows, case management, forensic tools, and playbooks for common incidents. As and when a new threat is neutralized by our incident responders, the remediation is added to the platform for autonomous response.


We Offer Two Types of Managed SIEM/SOC

Fully-Managed SIEM/SOC

If you don’t own an array of security devices, the managed security services provider (MSSP) will extend its tools and technologies to your organization and monitor and manage them on a 24x7x365 basis. This is a great option for CISOs that would like to hold off on purchasing security tools and hardware or don’t have internal support to manage an array of the latest technologies.

Co-Managed SIEM/SOC

If you own an array of security devices but remain short on internal security resources required to manage these solutions on a 24x7x365 basis, then co-managed security services would be beneficial. This model allows your staff to focus on other strategic security projects and helps offload the intensive job of monitoring and managing security events during non-business hours.

What Else We Offer ?

SOC Consultation

Experience has taught us that a well-run SOC can mean the difference between overall success of a company’s Information Security program and unfortunate alternatives. Aristi assists our clients in learning how to deploy a SOC, it's Architecture, Implementation, & Integration Services etc.


A SOC is able to identify a potential attack by learning the mechanisms of the attack and what part of the IT system it will compromise. Organizations that have a SOC are able to detect flaws in their IT systems and can thus avoid an unfortunate incident. Aristi assists our clients in enabling a in house over the cloud or outsourced SOC.

Tactical SOC Analysis Trainings

We have designed this course clearer and easier to understand SIEM/SOC architecture and process, by navigating the student through the steps of tailoring and deploying a SIEM to full Security Operations Center (SOC) integration.

Benefits to your Organization

Minimize Costs

Get a team of seasoned security experts working for you at a fraction of the cost of building your own security team in-house.

Maximize Efficiency

We apply rigorously proven procedures and policies into our services to minimize false-positives and improve responsiveness to rapidly contain cyber attacks.

Get Intelligence

Best-in-class Intelligence Lab conducting advanced threat and cyber-attack analyses feeding our technologies and services in real-time.

Manage Compliance

Automated analysis based on powerful asset-based assessments to monitor your compliance level for regulatory purposes such as PCI, GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, FISMA.

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